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Rating: no reliable rating yet Please log in to rate this song. I dreamed you paid your dues in Canada Left me to come through I headed for the right way I knew exactly just what to do I dreamed we played cards in the dark And you lost and you lied Wasn't very hard to do But hurt me deep down inside [Chorus:] Mmmm, these dreams of you So real and so true These dreams of you So real and so true My back was up against the wall And you slowly just walked away You never really heard my call When I cried out that way With my face against the sun You pointed out for me to go Then you said I was the one Had to reap what you did sow [Chorus] [Bridge:] And hush-a-bye, don't ever think about it Go to sleep don't ever say one word Close your eyes, you are an angel sent down from above And Ray Charles was shot down But he got up to do his best A crowd of people gathered round To the question answered "yes" And you slapped me on the face I turned around the other cheek You couldn't really stand the pace And I would never be so meek [Chorus] [Bridge].

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