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  • The book is still worth reading for the information about the Son of Sam case very compelling information that Berkowitz absolutely was not the lone killer Hey Beauders any updates on the publishing of your book. I've been dealing with some health issues since January and haven't been able to do anything with the book. My mother also has end stage Alzheimer's and she and my stepfather live with me. We've kept her out of a nursing home and that was the goal, but things are very difficult. I lost a kidney in January and have had sepsis twice. If any of you have kidney stones or develop them in the future get rid of them, that's what started this.

    I've had eight kidney stone removal procedures in the five years, three of them including cutting, all with anesthesia.

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    With only one kidney my whole life has changed, healthy food is now unhealthy such as spinach, can never eat it again, but I'm healing and that's what matters. Jeez Beauders Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. I'll keep you in my prayers. God Bless you for keeping your mother out of a nursing home. Those "homes" aren't all they're cracked-up to be, believe me. I hope I never end-up in one. Thanks Lynyrd could you say a prayer for my mom. I would rather end her life myself and deal with consequences than ever put her in a nursing home.

    Both my grandmothers died in those places, one was in for eight years after her daughter my aunt was killed in a tragic boating accident, so I know all about those places. Beauders, sorry to hear about all your troubles. It's gotta be hard to keep your mom in your home with Alzheimer's along with all your health problems. Thanks Katie luckily my mother is not mobile and sleeps most of the time, she is not violent either.

    Yeah my mom died of Alzheimer's almost 10 years ago. I know how hard that is. But the good news is, when she passes, it won't be so sad for you.

    Because you already lost her years ago. Alzheimer's is a cruel, unforgiving disease. I have no idea how hard kidney disease is.

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    • It sounds really tough. But I know you're tough too! Hang in there baby-doll!!! Katie I remember you said you love animals. When you have time get on facebook and go to Tiny kittens. There you will meet a special needs kitten named Aura after the cheese also check out Mason a rescued feral. He is amazing. I will not ruin it for you but he is really something. The owner of the site also has another miracle cat that was born with only his front legs. I wasn't sure I liked that until I saw how happy this cat is. He acts just like the other cats, is as happy as a clam, and is very playful.

      This is where I go when I am sad. It's hard to continue being sad with these charmers on you screen. Anyone else out there that loves cats check this page out too, it will make your day. I'll check that out! Pol, Dr. It's amazing to me how animals can live without a leg or an eye and survive just fine. I'm just about finished it I really enjoyed the book I think it's the only Manson related book I've read that has nothing to do with the crimes. I feel that the Stanford police have bungled this case. They have bungled it for almost 44 years since it happened in October Maybe they are tired of it and after finding Stephen Crawford as the top suspect, they are eager to close the case.

      ISBN 13: 9780760713938

      It was a mistake to barge in on him when he was in his apartment. That gave him an opportunity to get his gun and shoot himself to death. He is worth more alive than dead. Now we will never know what role he played in this crime. They should have arrested him after he left his apartment out in the open before he got a chance to get his gun and shoot himself.

      Why does this matter? Well, consider this. One source says Crawford locked up the church at PM and another source says he locked up at AM. Well, which is it, for blistering sakes? If he locked up the church at , then how did witness Brian McCracken manage to enter the church and see the strange ritual which he claims happened at midnight? Then we have one source saying Arliss entered the church at PM and another source says she entered at midnight. Jeez, can't anyone get their facts straight?

      It appeared that Crawford was a lazy, careless, sloppy security guard who couldn't detect a crime happening right under his nose. But now it seems it's as it's a lot more serious than just laziness and incompetence. Now it seems he was in cahoots with the killer and an accomplice to the killer and helped with the killing. Nothing good has come out of this case. The Devil and evil rules the world.

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      This case makes me disgusted. This case is convoluted. It's another one of those murder cases similar to Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac killer in that there are multiple suspects and no absolute evidence to determine who the real killer or killers are. There's evidence security guard Stephen Crawford being the killer or one of the killers, and there's evidence that he had nothing to do with this killing and was innocent and whose only fault was carelessness. One scenario of this crime which suggests Crawford was not the killer is that when he opened up the church at AM and discovered Arliss Perry's body, he said that he found one of the doors in the church was forced open from the inside.

      This suggests that someone, the killer or killers, made their way out of the church after doing their vile crime. One source claims that Stanford church at one time had underground tunnels and the killer or killers escaped through this tunnel. It's also possible that Crawford lied about finding the door forced open. It's also possible he knew full well the killer or killers were inside the church with Arliss and he allowed it to happen.

      What's also suspicious about Crawford is when the police were called to go to the church because Arliss was missing, Crawford, according to one source, told the police that he locked up the church and to not go in! Why would he tell the police not to go in? Because he knew that the killer or killers were inside the church committing their vile crime.

      Maybe it was already too late to save Arliss by the time the police were called between 2 AM to 3 AM, but maybe the police could have at least caught the killer or killers had they entered, unless the killer or killers already left the church. It's also suspicious why Crawford would open up the church so early in the morning at AM.

      If Crawford was the sole killer and no one else, as the Stanford police claim, then he could have easily left the church on his own. But if he was the killer, why would he leave the body in plain sight where it could be easily found? Did he really think that the police wouldn't figure out that sooner or later, he was the killer? As incompetent as the Stanford police are, sooner or later they will figure out that the security guard who works at the church is the real killer with this DNA technology and fingerprints technology.