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These are among the open indicators worth adding to your chart- low ing strategy. Candlestick Indicators to Watch falling revenues or net losses? You can do as well by guessing, A candlestick formation reveals a dend yield and a record of increasing and you might be right half the time. Make sure there is a trend to glance: the range between open and price-earnings ratio meaning between reverse.

Remember, reversal only works close, the extension of trading range, 10 and 25, and tracked as a long-term if there is a trend to reverse. You cannot and the direction of movement.

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Many trend ; and finally, the trend of the debt expect to find a bullish reversal unless a additional signals have meaning, such as ratio the portion of total capitalization downtrend is in effect, and you cannot unusually long or short trading ranges, in debt compared to the overall debt find a bearish reversal unless the current and extended moves above or below the and equity, remembering that a high and trend is moving upward. All of this shows up in growing debt ratio is a danger signal. Look for strong reversal sig- usually are continuation patternsa The white candlestick is found nals.

Find exceptionally strong reversal sign that the price trend will continue when prices move up during the session, signals at the top of an uptrend and in its current direction. The fact that the and the black candlestick represents a time your exit, or at the bottom of a same indicator can be either a reversal downward-moving session.


The real downtrend and time your entry. Reversal or a continuation signal should not be body defines the distance between open- signals come in many shapes and sizes, confusing. It is just a matter of where ing and closing price, and the upper and in candlesticks as well as other forms. But lower shadows the thin lines at the top To give you an idea of the range of what if the price is moving sideways and and bottom of a candlestick represent reversals, there are approximately no clear trend has been set? In this case, the complete trading range. When you different candlestick indicators.

You the prudent course is to wait patiently see a very long upper or lower shadow, cannot possibly expect to look for all for some kind of movement to appear. This loss of spotted than others.


For this reason, it half the time and wrong the other half. Always look for confirmation aspects of trends and how they exhaust reversal signals and focus on looking for before you act. Before acting, find inde- and then reverse. Some indicators work as price pendent confirmation of the predicted reversal signals about half the time and reversal. Only when you have confirma- The Abandoned Baby as price continuation signals the other tion should you take action.

Confirma- Candlesticks often have imaginative half of the time. Given this fact, they tion is one of the basic techniques used names. The abandoned baby is one of are not very useful for timing buys and by technicians to time entry and exit. The bullish version shown on Figure 2. Abandoned Baby the left in Figure 2 signals the end of a downtrend. The key here is in the gaps and the doji session the abandoned segment with little or no distance be- tween opening and closing. In this three-session indicator, note the gaps between sessions 12 and The middle session is the doji, and this signals a likely end of the downtrend and the start of a new uptrend.

Accord- ing to Bulkowskis research, the bullish abandoned baby often leads to a reversal. The bearish variety has the same formation, but with the gaps moving in the opposite directions. This is shown on the right in Figure 2. The pattern is a strong forecast of the end to the current uptrend and signals a bearish reversal.

White Soldiers and Black Crows The white soldiers and black crows are three-session indicators that appear Bull Bear quite often. The white soldiers pattern is bullish and consists of three upward- moving sessions. Each session opens Figure 3. White Soldiers Figure 4. Black Crows within the real body of the previous session and then closes higher, as shown in Figure 3.

Also referred to as three white sol- diers, this pattern can actually continue beyond the three sessions. The consecu- tive higher lows and higher highs is a very strong reversal signal as long as it shows up after a period of downtrend movement. This signal can be a reliable reversal sign. The opposite of white soldiers is the black crows pattern.

It is a strong bearish reversal when it is found at the top of an uptrend. Each session opens within the real body range of the previ- ous one and then moves lower. Lower highs and lower lows characterize this pattern, as shown in Figure 4. This is another exceptionally strong reversal signal. Engulng Pattern it is one of the most reliable of the The engulfing pattern is so named candlestick reversal signals.

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This is shown on the by the second. In other words, the real ing pattern, a black session is followed left in Figure 5. This is by the engulfing white session. There is The bullish engulfing pattern is always a two-session development and a price gap between the first sessions easy to spot, and it will mark the end appears frequently.

17 Money Making Candlestick Formations

When confirmed, close and the lower opening of the of the downtrend and the start of a. Engulng Pattern reversal signs. Unusually long shadows, those sticks above and below the real body. A big upper shadow is a sign of lost momentum among buyers, meaning sellers will probably take the lead next; a long lower shadow means the same thing among sellers. Traditional western indicators, such as gapping price action, head and shoulders, double tops or bottoms, and other well-known signals based on price patterns.

Volume indicators, such as on- balance volume OBV , track domi- nance among buyers or sellers and, as this shifts, indicate a change in price direction. Momentum oscillators are among the most valuable confirming signs. The strongest of these include the moving average convergence- Bull Bear divergence MACD , which tracks changes in two moving averages; and the relative strength index new uptrend. Candlesticks can serve as the first RSI , which measures the strength The bearish engulfing pattern is the signals to be confirmed by another; and direction of price movement.

The of course, but even conservative and charts. Forms of edge base through reading books and go- confirmation include: ing online to various websites, where you When you find often-appearing Doji sessions, also called narrow- can find free and fast learning tools for candlestick indicators with high reli- range days NRDs , often signal candlesticks and methods for improving ability, you can proceed with confidence, the end of the current trend.

I have never traded, not even demo.

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Yet I believe strongly that what you are teaching will make any serious person a successful trader. God bless. Can you download the Monster guide to candlestick patterns like the the one i just downloaded for price action trading? Rayner Teo, your teachings have made me realise that trading needs planning, short term and long term. Proper preparation set ups. It an excellent way of understanding the candlestick you have guided us very many thanks master….. Hi Reyner!